Sometimes it pays to talk things through - that’s why Ramp It Up will be holding a series of on-site meetings where issues of concern can be raised in an open forum.

Future meetings will be advised in this section.



Explanation of form:

Address: So we can drop you a note if your email bounces, or identify your local politicians, or organise activities with fellow boat owners in your area.

Phone: So we can give you a call if we need further info about a matter you raise, if there appears to be an issue with your email address, to advise you of a change of event time or function – simply stuff like that. We won’t annoy you.

Message: Anything you want to raise with us such as a shortage of facilities in your local area.



You can walk away and say We don't need this," but something in
your eyes says "We can beat this."– Taylor Swift


Boats Not Permitted